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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Apollo, interpreted as a god by some of man's ancestors.
B is for Balok, a representative of the First Federation.
C is for Cortez, USS, a Federation starship involved in the Dominion War
D is for the Dominion, the most lethal enemy yet encountered by the Federation and her allies.
E is for Everybody knows that the most lethal enemy encountered by the Federation is the Borg. Picard said so and he'd never lie to me.
F is for the Ferengi. A bunch of coniving, manipulative, greedy little buggers. At least they know how to throw a good party.
G is for Garak. A filthy liar.
H is for Hew-mons..a species quite known to the Ferengi.
I is for the Iconians, masters of time and space.
J is for Jarok the Romulan defector.
K is for Kang, A legendary Klingon space commander and Dahar Master of the 23rd and 24th centuries.
L is for Ligonians. Considered racist by some.
M is for More Bloodwine!
N is for Narendra III, site of the final, heroic sacrifice by the Enterprise-C.
O is for Organians. As far above us on the evolutionary scale as we are above the amoeba.
P is for Palomas, Lt. Carolyn Palomas. Boy did she know how to fill out a uniform.
Q is for Q, Planet, the oddly named Federation colony world where Thomas Leighton was murdered by Anton Karidian, aka Kodos.
R is for 'Really nice bum.' Paraphrasing what Malcolm Reed said about T'Pol.
S is for Scanning for Lifeforms. I just love scanning for lifeforms.
T is for T'Pol and her really nice bum. Seven's was as well.
U is for Unimatrix One of the Borg Collective.
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