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Creepy Eyes

Sometimes I have to take a break from the orignal series. I've watched them all so many times that I kind of don't get the full impact any more. I watched Where No Man Has Gone Before last night with fresh eyes.

I had forgotten how creepy it really was, and how effective it really was. It was especially the glowing eyes in some of the scenes. There is a scene where Mitchel is in the brig on Delta Vega. By the way, why would there be a brig there when even the ore ships call there only once every 20 years? Anyway, Gary was in the background just staring at the camera with his glowing eyes. It was earily creepy in a way I hadn't really noticed before.

When Mitchell first gets "zapped" when they leave the galaxy and they show him on the floor, they linger on his eyes as they are fading to black. The whole episode was much better than I remember it being.
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