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Re: SONS OF ANARCHY tv series disscussions and comments

Y'know one thing I love about SOA is that even after watching it through, if you go back through it, you pick up on all kinds of things you missed out on. I mean the action goes so fast on that show sometimes that it's easy to miss out on something, particularily on Season 3 with the whole cutting between the stuff in California and Ireland. It's really a rich show and tons of little teasers and subtle things. Like even the episode names, which really matter if you're watching the DVD or Netflix, like "So" and "ns" which make no sense, until you realize it's the rings that Jax wears that he's putting on his dad's gravestone. First the "So" ring is left there. Then he leaves the 'Ns" ring the last time he goes there and sorta makes his own stand. It's so subtle that you miss it, but it's there. And amazingly no one bothers to swipe those rings either LOL. Like that "So" ring was sitting there for what? A couple weeks or longer?

Can't wait to see what a Jax controlled show will be like. And I can't wait for Season 4 to show up on Netflix. Although honestly I am so seriously tempted to just buy the DVD set - of course it'll be like Weeds, they only had the first 3 or 4 seasons up, so I buy season 4, then season 5... and then... they put them up, now it's current until like all but the last two.

Oh well. But Yeah... this should be intersting. Be even more curious to see how Tara will morph into Gemma Jr even more, now that SHE'S the Queen. But it's nice to see Gemma's still like "Queen Mum", she's not the President's old lady, but everyone still sees her as their 'mom'.
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