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Just finished the DLC pack, it was decent. Really liked the "detective" scenes in the lab trying to narrow down where you should go next.

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And I was thrilled that they bothered to record new dialogue for all your squadmembers (and Cortez and Hackett, but unsurprisingly no new Joker stuff.)
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I hope that the practice of having the squad have new dialogue is a continuing thing, it added a lot of depth to the missions. It wouldn't surprise me if that's due to the Extended Cut, but I'd love for them to get long term plans set for the DLC so that they can record all they'll need and continue to have that be a part of the DLC.
That was fantastic, much improved over the ME2 DLC. Hopefully they will keep that up for any future DLC packs. I suppose it would be easier to record dialogue for ME3 DLC packs since your roster of squadmembers is a tad smaller.

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I left that damn thing right where it was. No way in hell I was bringing that into my cabin.

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Kasumi's lover's greybox
I don't recall any mention of that in the DLC? I think there was a mention of it in Kasumi's mission on the Citadel, but nothing in the Leviathan DLC.

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Overall, I can't shake the slightly hollow feeling that none of this matters, given we already know how things end...
Yeah, there is that. But that's going to be something we feel with all the single-player DLC since it has to be before the ending by necessity. Unlike the ME2 DLC where it could fit in after the ending of the main game, and in some cases (like LotSB and Arrival) was probably designed to be experienced after the ending.

So unless they come out with a "The Adventures of Archangel" Garrus-centric DLC pack that takes place after the ending, that's something we're not going to be able to shake. Maybe it will even affect the DLC sales?

I didn't play through to the end of the game after completing the DLC (mostly because I strongly dislike that "defend the missile battery part of the London mission), but I've heard that some of the Starchild dialogue changes after meeting Leviathan. Is that true? Is there a Youtube video that shows that yet?
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