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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

Seriously, did New 52 do ANYTHING right? GLC was basically the one line that sorta kinda lead things for a while in the "old" DCU... I don't want to wish harm on anyone, but I really really wish both Lee and DiDio and would like get their hands caught in a printing press and lose their voices so we no longer have to deal with them and their craptacular 90s revival bullshit. I mean it's like literally it's the frickin' 90s again. For a while it seemed like DC wanted to go back to the Silver Age, now they want to go back to the 90s. I may not have tons of respect for Liefeld but he left while the gettin' was good. It's a shame, they already lost some "Talent", first Perez, then Morrison, now Liefeld, and losing George Perez is really a pathetic blow, since the man was long known for hanging on the Avengers for a looong time, and on Wonder Woman and other DC series - including that early 2000s JLA/Avengers crossover. So it's clear the guy loves both 'verses, but the fact that they lost him because of their own bullshit is pretty sad.

I'm all for streamlining the Universe, I'm all for refreshing things, I'm all for making it easier to go from paper to Digital Distro, but... they basically did a Brand New Day to the DCU and weren't even nice about it. Just 'this is how it is. Don't like it, tough shit."
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