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Thanks, trekkiedane. Curious about those bitters you're brewing. Have you been doing this for a long while? How difficult and time consuming is it to do? I imagine it's easier than brewing beer.
Intermittently since I was old enough to buy the booze needed to make them with.
It's a thing around here, and these days you can find loads of pages on-line where groups of people into this sort share their recipes. It's all in Danish I'm afraid, but take a look at this list from Noras Street Snaps Guild (that's what they call themselves ).

The degree of difficulty and the time consumed varies enormously.

It takes some time to get out into nature and find some plants that are as far away from traffic and other pollutants as you dare venture of course, and some time to pick the parts you need but it mostly takes only very few minutes of 'actual' work (I won't count taking a walk and picking some leaves, flowers, berries or roots as 'work' (and some of those you can buy at any supermarket)).

The three in the picture are very simple: put in a jar, pour a neutral vodka (or other neutral alcoholic beverage of no less than 80 proof) over and close jar, shake it a bit about once in a while for two to three days and then filter (an ordinary coffee-filter is very good for this step). -That's it!

How you drink it is, of course, also variable: some of these infusions are essences that need more vodka before they're drinkable, some are very good with some sugar or honey; that rose-one in the picture is supposedly very good when sweetened and becomes something akin to a liqueur.

The Hypericum-bitter is ready to drink after those 2-4 days, but the Yarrow-bitter should be left alone for a couple of months.
Walnut-bitter (which is a wrong word as it isn't bitter) should be left to age for years and ages as well as whiskey (and tastes soooo much better than a cheap whiskey) -look into my T-BBS photoalbum to see how to make walnut bitter!
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