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Re: Why is Nemesis hated so much?

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Generations is fabulous!!

It's Star Trek's Christmas Special.
But it's like someone stuck the Star Wars Holiday Special in the middle of The Phantom Menace.
Certainly, I understand your thinking vis-a-vis a humorous allegory between The Star Wars Christmas Special and the Nexus sequence in Generations - but honestly - other than the word Christmas the "joke" just doesn't work. I've always found the sequence to be quite compelling, and an insight into Picard's sometimes lonely life. Dennis McCarthy's woefully underappreciated score is absolutely beautiful to boot.
I am still over Picard's fantasy life. It works fine with what we've seen of him, but it's very interesting to me that his ideal wife is at home with the children cooking and setting nice tables for dinner.

That said yes I am joking. I actually love Generations. I didn't find the Kirk stuff forced, I loved seeing him again though I do find there is oddly not much chemistry between him and Picard. I like how we learn more about the El-Aurians and I found Soran to be a believable and interesting villain. Plus we get that great quote about time from him which is a bonus.

Generations is jam packed with stories and people unlike Insurrection which IMO is quite drab. Generations is colorful. I mean.. the DURAS sisters!? How fabulous was that?? And crashing the Enterprise? The film is a candy store of events.

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