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Re: post Fate of the Jedi trilogy, OT era series announced

Skywalker wrote: View Post
My interest in the Jaina trilogy died the instant I read "written by Christie Golden."
This is the same sentiment I expressed in the eBook thread, almost word-for-word.

Admiral_Young wrote: View Post
Jaina is my favourite EU character so I'm willing to tolerate Golden at least to check out the first part.
I wouldn't call her my favorite, but I do imagine I'll pick up the first book if reviews are decent. I am interested in seeing this "Sword of the Jedi" mantle being developed into something real, rather than just a title that gets thrown around every once in a while.

I also hope that it will continue Jag's story, particularly if it does so by increasing the momentum on his path to Emperor of the Galactic Empire.
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