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Episode a Week: Lonely Among Us

The weekly thread starts a day late again.

This weekís episode is Lonely Among Us. Hopefully this thread wonít be lonely among us.

I said these weekly threads would be our way to relive the 80ís. At this point in the 80ís we were a little disappointed with the early output of the series and wondering whether the series would be a success. Today Iím a little disappointed with these early threads and wondering whether the weekly thread tradition will be a success.

This episode exemplifies some of the worst of the crude judgmentalism that sometimes plagued TNG. Our heroes spend a lot of time talking about how superior they are to the aliens and 20th-century humans, when all theyíre really demonstrating is a complete failure to appreciate the challenges faced by these supposedly inferior beings. The aliens are seen as so inferior and insignificant that the apparent murder and cannibalization of one of them makes for a lighthearted gag on which to end the episode. Blech.

This is an early A/B episode, and most of my complaint is reserved for the B storyline. The A storyline isnít offensively bad, but itís utterly bizarre that when the captain takes the ship off mission, refuses to explain the decision, then outright admits to Beverly that an alien intelligence is in at least partial control of his mind, regulations still require the crew to follow his bizarre orders. I do like how, in the finest TOS tradition, the adversary turns out to be misunderstood rather than hostile.
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