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Re: Post consists of heavy spoilers.

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Concerning nods to canon, I was positively surprised to see Amanda Rogers again. Where was she in the Q Civil War, by the way?
I remember her showing up in the Selar story in ''No Limits'' (which features Selar dropping into the Q Civil War so she can meet Lady Q and they can give us a big Suzie Plakson-shaped wink). I don't think her role was important as such, I think it was just to casually answer the same question you asked - where's Amanda in all of this?

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Also, with QSD Neelix may be able to visit Talax
I prefer the name "New Haakonia".

On the serious side, I would like to learn more about the Talax-Haakonia conflict. I can't recall if Jetrel or another episode gave us any insight into the cause of the war, but it was implied in some of the RPG material that the Haakonians wanted control over the trade lanes and that Talax was both a competitor they wanted shoved aside and an established economic nexus they wanted to control themselves. In this telling, the basis of the war was essentially Haakonia's desire to muscle in on Talax's position, and usurp its standing in local affairs (or at least push them off the top). The Star Trek Star Charts, though, gives the Haakonian Order a whole mass of territory and (to me at least) implies that they're an empire who expand for the sake of expansion. Talax appears here as just one of many systems subject to Haakonian control. I'd like to see what the "Novel 'Verse" approach would be.

All that said, I don't know if a visit to Talax would hold that much appeal to Neelix. I think he and his fellows have moved on - maybe they'll get nostalgic given time, but for now it seems to me that they're looking to the future and have long let Talax go. It's the past, and they've made a new life - one they're apparently proud of. Brax is the only one who seemed to look Talax-way, and I imagine that's because to him it's a land from a story, the home that offers an idea of stability and belonging, which a child enduring multiple upheavals would keenly feel the absence of.

It might be interesting, though, to see how Neelix would react if the opportunity ever arose to see his species' homeworld again.

I'm still wondering how Talaxians managed to get to the other side of the quadrant. My bet would be Vaadwaur Subspace Corridors, which we know reach Talaxian space. Any takers?

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Even cooler: Chakotay takes 'Janeway' as last name, becoming Chakotay Janeway - because then, Voyager would be commanded by... Captain Janeway!
I like the way you think, Markonian. The more "Captain Janeways", the merrier!

I'll have my own "wall of text" up tomorrow, I think. Be warned!
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