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Re: Joss Whedon's S.H.I.E.L.D to ABC!

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Carol is more like Power Girl in power comparison.
Power Girl, Superman -- they're both Kryptonians, right? I'm talking about the type of powers -- superstrength, superspeed, invulnerability, flight, energy projection, really top-level heavy-hitter stuff that would cost a lot of money to do well and thus could be done far more effectively in a feature film than on weekly TV. We've never seen a live-action Power Girl (except, apparently, in a series of comedy sketches on something called Attack of the Show and a couple of fan films), but we've seen literally decades' worth of live-action TV portrayals of Superman, and we've seen how much they have to limit their depiction of his powers due to the limitations of weekly television production. Superman's powers can be portrayed more impressively on the big screen than the small, and the same goes for Carol.

Now, true, I do think that story and character are more important than spectacle, but Carol Danvers is a character that deserves a really impressive live-action intro, and Marvel needs more female marquee heroes in its movies. So I'd rather see her on the big screen.
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