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Here come the 4K tellies

High-definition TVs roughly quadrupled the resolution of the sets that came before them. Now, the industry is poised to do it again.

By December, U.S. stores will sell a TV set with four times the resolution of today’s best HDTVs, Sony Corp. said Wednesday. The set will measure 84 inches on the diagonal, making the screen area four times as large as the common 42-inch set.

Executives said Sony will reveal the price of the set next week.

There is, for now, very little video content available that can take advantage of the higher resolution. With some work and know-how, a computer connected to the set can display video in the ultra-HD “4K” resolution. The set will also do its best to “upscale” TV, DVD and Blu-ray movies, so they look better.
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Obviously the first generation of sets are going to silly priced and content is going to be thin on the ground but we can look forward to people complaining that they don't want it and they will not be switching from bluray/dvd.
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