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Re: Transphasic shields in the novels

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Ok, there'd be exactly one person fewer complaining. But who am I to complain about someone complaining? It's just sad that such a minor detail has been fixated on.

Make that one person less, not fewer.
Speaking of "less" versus "fewer," I think we should write to Justin Bieber and get him to release another song retconning why he sang about "One Less Lonely Girl" when in the grammatical context of the original song he could only have meant "One Fewer Lonely Girls."

I realize the way he said it originally was an artistic choice, but it just doesn't stand up to grammatical scrutiny.

In all seriousness I like Christopher's work and I have no problem assuming "neutronium" is shorthand for some more reasonable hull and door material. People talk like that all the time in real life... We describe tube TVs and monitors as "CRTs" even though Cathode Rays went out of fashion as a display technology decades ago.
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