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Re: Need a good starter episode for a newbie

The first episode I saw (sometime back in 1972 or 1973) was Space Seed.

I literally never heard of Star Trek to that point (I was just a wee lad). I remember them beaming onto the Botany Bay at the beginning, and being confused as to what that was (the beaming over, I mean). I was also enthralled with Spock.

I remember getting my older brother to watch it with me. He knew about Star Trek, and explained some if it to me.

I agree with those who say one of the best starter episode would be Balance of Terror.

I do NOT agree that The Trouble with Tribbles would be a good starter episode. To really appreciate the humor of that episode, you need to be familiar with the characters to begin with, since each character was playing a bit of a caricature of himself, for example:

- Shatner further exaggerating his already staccato delivery for some of his lines.
- Spock with the classic one-liners ("He heard you; he simply could not believe his ears")
- Scotty with his defending the ship's honor, and with his love of everything engineering.
- Doctor McCoy being a bit too amused with his zoological study of the Tribbles.
- Chekov's Russian reference and his over-exuberance.

Without having a baseline expectation of each character to begin with, the jokes made in the episode can be lost.

So, I say:
Balance of Terror
Doomsday Machine

These are among the best "stand-alone" episodes (from a character standpoint).
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