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Just when we were almost finally through the Soriano contract too. Guess it wouldn't be the Cubs without an overpaid, underachieving player. Maybe I'm wrong and Starlin's going to magically learn how to work the count this off season.
Don't get me wrong, this isn't an obscene overpay or anything like that. No one is saying that his skills are going to deteriorate or that he's not a decent player ... just that he's not suddenly going to develop the magical ability to turn into a special player rather than just a good one. He's had enough at-bats to give a pretty decent projection. He'll be a major league regular, but then again so is Jeff Francoeur. This isn't a bad thing, but the notion that he's some sort of top player is just wrong, yet people continue to argue about him because he's young.

Now that BABIP is down to something like a reasonable level, he's rocking an 89 wRC+ and that's going to look pretty shitty if he gets moved off of short (and it's entirely likely that he'll be moved). Once the singles go away, the outlook isn't great for a guy who doesn't hit much else other than singles and can't take a walk.

I think it's a bad contract because you have to say things like "if nothing goes wrong, it will be, uh, fair I guess," which isn't what you want to do when signing a 22-year-old for eight years.
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