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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

I don't understand alcoholics. I know their lives are different, so there's no one road to becoming an alcoholic, but some are puzzling. I mean, if you come from a family of alcoholics and you yourself have the opportunity to see the problems caused and the frame of mind to not follow, then why at some point do you follow? I heard one person say just this--their entire family were alcoholics, ye they themselves never touched it precisely because of what they experienced.

Is this too rational and most people, stuck with whatever problems are befalling them, cannot help but fall into the same trap?

In a similar vein, my family is STUPID (I mean it: stupid and in denial) about money and not thinking about consequences, yet I'm the one who's considered to be "over-thinking" about things--yet I don't have their self-caused economic crises, precisely because I looked at them and decided, "oh hell no."
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