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Re: General Pro Wrestling News and Discussion Thread Part Deux!

I watched a bit of the Hard Knocks Benoit documentary on YouTube last night, it's shocking when you realise that just three years later he murdered his family and killed himself without any real indication that there was anything wrong with him. The DVD was made in 2004 when Benoit was in the midst of his World Heavyweight Championship run, it's hard to imagine that this is the same guy who went on to commit such atrocities. He comes across as being incredibly modest, polite and sensitive. Furthermore, Benoit talks fondly about his friends and family and you can tell he really cares about them. He talks about being humbled when fans highly rate his matches and body of work and how he relishes the opportunities to work at the top and with the best.

... I honestly think that a few days or weeks before the murders, his years of brain trauma finally caught up to him and the sanity fuse blew. He just completely lost it...

Anyway, in other news, apparently CM Punk bladed during the match with Jerry Lawler on Raw. It's been said that he was seen passing Charles Robinson something - which was presumably the blade he used - just after drawing blood. Punk apparently recieved no reprimanding whatsoever, which suggests that either his backstage power is up there with the top guys or that WWE's stance on blading has softened up for those special occasions in which extra drama is required.
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