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Post consists of heavy spoilers.

Wall of text coming - sorry.


I've just completed reading The Eternal Tide. Fortunately, I went into it unspoilered, so I didn't know who would live and who would take a leave of absence.

Personally, I wanted Janeway back and I fully trusted Kirsten's talents to bring that about not just for the sake of it, but as part of a meaningful story. Mission accomplished. We even got so see Kes again, wow!

Concerning nods to canon, I was positively surprised to see Amanda Rogers again. Where was she in the Q Civil War, by the way? Sounded like she missed it. However, I regret her premature and unceremonious demise. I wonder, did only the Q forget her existence? No mortal asked a database about her, so we don't know whether the events of True Q took place or were erased.

The return of the Borg Cooperative was a nice foray into territory familiar from the TV series. Like Nocona/Nacona, the Tarkan/Tarkon decided to exchange a syllable in their designation. I wonder which spelling would take precedence in a Memory Beta article? There ships were unusual and cool and made me think: "Yeah, why should the Tholians be the only ones capable of inventing energy webs?"

Thinking further, there are some questions worthwhile to contemplate: Is Starfleet going to revisit Arehaz? Riley's remainders consist of 47 people only - which is an awfully small gene pool.

Also, with QSD Neelix may be able to visit Talax, although that is of low priority to him, his people and Starfleet. This, it's a possibility. There's also a Human colony tailor-made for joining the Federation, just sitting there in space to be picked.

On the novel itself: External action and character interactions mesh organically. The personal relationships are compelling to read and never come across as 'soap box'. These allowed to take a deep breath and remind myself: "Yeah, there's a universe-shattering crisis, but we got all these beloved characters back on the right ship, see them working together, living together. Good new days!"

The loss of so many ships was devastating. I hope Mr Rademaker finds time to finish his designs for the fleet before Voyager becomes sole survivor. Oh my gosh, I can't believe the Quirinal is really gone! It's shocking! And for charming young Captain Parimon Dasht, I had Jesse Williams in mind. Too bad he didn't have a big mission to shine (or rip his shirt apart for whatever reason ). Of course, Star Trek being science fiction, not even death is permanent.

Btw, I am also super-happy to have Icheb back aboard and Naomi confirmed continuing her training.

Now that they are a pair, Kathryn and Chakotay should marry and have children (Shannon Sekaya Janeway, anyone? ). Even cooler: Chakotay takes 'Janeway' as last name, becoming Chakotay Janeway - because then, Voyager would be commanded by... Captain Janeway!

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