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Re: teacake does caprica

As with many such genre shows (Enterprise, SGU, Firefly, V, The Cape, Terra Nova), they are cancelled before they get an opportunity to hit their stride. Enterprise got a long reprieve, simply because it was Star Trek, but Manny Coto's involvement would have made for a phenomenal 5th season IMO, if it were allowed to survive (one word - KZINTI!) Caprica had great potential and was spooling up for a really good 2nd season, but alas, that was it. Plus, I don't think it was entirely the show runners' fault it went away. Skiffy executives have long proved to be a fickle and somewhat slow-witted bunch of dullards. I think they are just as equally to blame for Caprica's cancellation as anyone else. And remember, BSG had long been threatened for cancellation as well in the later seasons, particularly after they found Earth 1. I'm just glad Moore and Eick were given the shot at wrapping it up gracefully (relatively speaking).

I'm just personally glad that other similar genre shows like Grimm, Once Upon a Time and Game of Thrones are still going relatively strong and have been given ample opportunity to flourish in such a wacky market.
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