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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

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Ghost Ship by Diane Carey
The can be explained by the fact that the book was written long before the show premiered, and Carey had nothing to go on but the pilot script and the series bible, which contained a lot of ideas the show quickly abandoned due to the heavy staff turnaround in the first season. A lot of the stuff in Ghost Ship is from the original bible, like Riker being called "Bill" and being strongly prejudiced against Data (both of which are glimpsed in the pilot but soon forgotten). And, not having seen the actors perform or the characters develop, she had to make best guesses about what the characters would be like.
Yep, that's actually why I'm going back to read it again now. I originally read it in the mid 90's but didn't remember a thing about it. Someone had brought that up about this book being written prior to EaF so I thought it would be cool to see the differences. The only other glaring thing right now is that Picard is portrayed as smart and capable but he seems extremely irratable.
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