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Re: Grimm, season 2 thread.

^^^ Sgt. Wu (played by Reggie Lee) - yeah, love his character. I really felt bad for him eating foam insulation and all that other crap there for a while. He's probably one of the most useful and entertaining second-tier characters I've seen in a genre show for quite some time. I suspect, however, that Hank will be this season's only mundane being let in on the secret. They don't want to have everyone in-the-know, which could cause all kinds of story-wrecking problems.

The other interesting thing I've noticed throughout the course of the series is the conditions under which Nick recognizes a Wessen and vice-versa.

Some Wessen instantly know when Nick is a Grimm as soon as Nick sees them for what they are. Other Wessen (like the actor-formely-playing-Jacob-from-Lost) don't seem to figure it out right away even after revealing their true nature. Then, in the opposite direction, you have Captain Renard who knows Nick is a Grimm, but Nick has never seen him in his true form. Is this due to the age/strength/purity/bloodline of the Wessen in question? Will Nick eventually see Renard for what he truly is? Not quite sure about this one. Anyone have any thoughts?
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