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Re: Thank you, Remastered TNG...

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That's awesome Flux!

My daughter is very impressed by TNG. I put on Sins Of The Father after I got the sampler disc and her reaction to seeing a flyby of the Enterprise was "Wowwee! Look at the spaceship!". Did I mention she's only 2?
That's good. Get her into this before she's so old she'll be corrupted by the crap on TV and friends. I always wondered why my dad never showed TOS to me, although he did gave me his Kirk and Spock action figures.

And of course, I come across TNG and later VOY on TV. But I had never seen a TOS episode until I myself bought the Best of TOS DVD. And then subsequently bought the whole series when the prices for all boxes had been halved. I got all 3 seasons for 150 bucks, but had I bought them earlier I would be have to pay more than 110 dollars for each season. The only movie I had seen before was Wrath of Khan but I hardly remembered it except that I recognized the reference in Seinfeld.

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