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Re: "Code of Honor" Ligonians: Humans or Aliens?

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...But consider how all-CGI aliens in the SW prequels are called racist portrayals just because of their accents or manner of speaking.
Not entirely true. It wasn't just their accents, it was their character and their movements.

Watto's large hooked nose, beady eyes, and covetous personality evoke anti-Jew stereotypes, especially with the voice they gave him. Jar Jar's movements, bug-eyed, scaredy-cat behavior are pretty minstrel-show, and the "meso youso" speech pattern is the just the icing on the cake. Then there's the Nemoidians with their pseudo-Thai accents, far east costumes, duplicitous nature and diagonal (read squinty and slanted) pupils.

I don't think I need continue, and I feel the urge to wash my hands.
None of those caricatures would have caught on with people if those characters/aliens spoke an alien language that needed subtitles instead.

The Watto designers and animators had no input into how he would sound, and if you look around the internet, people have varied ideas about what his accent sounds like, everything from Arab to Yiddish to Greek to Italian.
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