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Re: Locutus and Ben Sisko

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I always liked the cameo of Picard in Emissary. Not only does it proverbially pass the torch as previously mentioned, but it serves two other purposes.

One is to give a bit of insight into Picard, you get to see how people outside his circle of acquaintances and people he's comfortable around react to his Borg past and that haunted look on Picard's face. Between Avery Brooks angry glare and Stewart's face deflating so much is said in that one snip without words.

Two is to establish that hey, Sisko isn't like Picard and this isn't the hunky dory TNG crew that sings kumbaya in the meeting room. Sisko's had a rough past, with a very physical manifestation of what he lost standing right there before him. He hasn't led the comfortable life, is a single dad, and between getting exiled to a junkyard station and having your wife's murderer be the one that's making your child grow up in that cesspool is it any wonder Sisko wasn't happy or less than civil?
I agree with this. Poor Sisko went through a lot, and then to have your wife's murderer in your face and of all things, doling out instructions; it was just too much. Yeah, Picard wasn't himself when it happened, but that doesn't change the fact that the love of Ben's life is gone and he has to raise his motherless child alone.

Sisko's reaction to Picard was very real. It reminds me of reading about right after WWII, and a German woman traveled to France and wanted to room in a little boarding house there. The woman that owned and ran the place wouldn't let her stay because her husband and 2 brothers were killed by the Germans. She said "I'm sorry, but I can't."

With Sisko's loss being so fresh, it's a testament to his self control that he sat there while Picard sipped tea and crossed his legs for a chat, when all Ben could think about was his wife being taken from him, I'm sure. Picard got off easy with a dirty look and an attitude, and I believe he knew it. That exchange was a little uncomfortable to watch the first time around, but that's because it was so real.
MA'AM. Hot damn, I can dig it.

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