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Re: Currently working through the missing episode audios...


As brilliant as the script was, and the added influence of the excellent Julian Glover (who brought much needed presence to the important character of King Richard), I didn't really find the story very engaging. Barbara disappears 10 seconds after leaving the Tardis and is on her own for pretty much the entire story, meanwhile The Doctor is largely removed from the 'action' as he spends most of his time with Vicki in the royal court. Only Ian seems to do a greater amount (brooding over Barbara, becoming a knight, being captured by a thief, menaced by ants and finally taking on a group of knights in a battle of wits), but despite this his seems to do most of in the background of the other three Tardis companions. Whittaker's scripts are - as always - rich in detail and full of character interaction. I'm not sure what it is, but for me the story didn't seem to match the sum of it's parts.

Right... I only have two left.

For Troughton I have The Wheel in Space. Not my first choice to end this campaign of mine but I misjudged how many Troughtons I had left after The Web of Fear, and in retrospect probably should've swapped them. I'm already two episodes in and aren't enjoying it very much, and I don't really care for the surviving episodes of the story either...

For Hartnell I have The Savages. I don't mind as I know next to nothing about it but it includes the final appearance of Steven, who I consider my favourite companion of the sixties.

I may end on a very nostalgic note which will take me back to 1994 when I heard my first missing story adventure; listening to a recently-acquired copy of the Tom Baker-narrated version of The Power of the Daleks. I sold mine a few years ago but always wanted to hear it again.
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