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post Fate of the Jedi trilogy, OT era series announced

post Fate of the Jedi trilogy:

Right before the Q&A, Del Rey dropped the big announcement: post-Fate of the Jedi, the adventures will continue with a trilogy called Sword of the Jedi, written by Christie Golden and focusing (obviously) on the series' namesake, Jaina Solo.
I hope this isn't in hardcover especially after all the FOTJ series being released in that format.

Original Trilogy era novels:

Del Rey is planning a classic adventure series set between Episodes IV and V called "Rebels." The first one will be told from Leia's point of view and written by Martha Wells, an author who is new to the Expanded Universe. The second one will be written by another new EU author, Kevin Hearne, and told from Luke's point of view.
Sounds like it could be fun. Hopefully Han Solo gets one from his POV too.
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