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Re: Star Trek Secret Voyage: E01 Whose Birth These Triumphs Are

Actually, we have done quite a few progressive things such as having altered the length of those so called "microdresses" and we added a short rather than the original cocktail server panty. We feel this makes the uniform more functional while keeping as close to the original designs that we DO like. Our moto is "Our gals kick tail without showing to much of theirs". Additionally, we plan on introducing new experimental technologies and uniform designs that honor the time frame but help bridge the gap between the end of Kirk's first 5 year mission and the first Star Trek movie. Things like the addition of digital controls over the previous analog versions from the tv series. We are NOT purists and have no desire to agrue over preferences, there are too many and even the purists can't agree on them. We choose not to assume that only what we see on screen is the truth and nothing but the truth any more that seeing what is on one navy ship tells you everything about the military. The world of Star Trek has room for interpretation and this series is also designed for the NON TREK fan. If I could have had my way and do things over I would have had our background actors more trimmed though. No agruments there, I guess we'll all just have to let it go for now. Our greater focus is to explore good ol fashioned Science Fiction rather than make people feel they are watching a classic trek from the 60's. There is a balance though as we do wish to honor the original series and bring as many fans as we can along for the ride.
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