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Re: What do want to see from a new series

Billj wrote:
Well if they're all white, Christian males, there'd be little to differentiate one from another.
Because all white people look a like? Or is it because all christian men act a like?

Actually, something I want to point out is the fallacy that sci fi aliens automatically possess originality or charisma. I've found most Star Trek aliens to be boring. They were humans with bumpy foreheads.

But moving away from Star Trek, even Farscape had all these aliens which were just so human. You had Ka D'Argo which is basically just a tough guy with a chip on his shoulder.
You had Pilot, which seems like a cross of all the Hollywood computer nerds. And reminds me of the fat blond computer geek girl on NCSI or one of those cop dramas.
You had Aeryn Sun, which was all the tough dominatrix white girls in leather cliché She was a little bit Xena, little bit Buffy, little bit Faith (from Buffy), little bit Trinity from the matrix, little bit Dark Angel. She was just a carbon copy of a carbon copy. She was literally the tough dominatrix chick cliché.
John Crichton, the only human on that show, was the only interesting character, because he had character. Everyone else had a characteristic, but they had no character.
Too many times in sci fi they make an alien character, who acts like some human archetype, and aside from the visual appeal, there is nothing to them.
Wait, Scorpius was also interesting. He reminded me of a cross between Spock and Mumra from Thundercats.

Romulus Prime wrote:
A non-human captain.

And does the Captain always have to be the main character? Why not have a series that focuses on the 1st officer and how they go from 2nd in command to captain - what a potential for a story arc with that concept.
A non-human captain would serve no story telling purpose. Again, that whole thing about putting actors in costumes and giving them bumpy heads, and then having them act 100% human, being a waist of costume.

There is a reason that the captains tend to hog the show. The show is ultimately about decision making. In a strict hierarchy, the captain of the ship has all the decision making powers. Lower ranking officers have less ability to make a decision, thus it is hard to build a show around them.

'"Bry_Sinclair " wrote:
Mars wrote:
How about a Cyborg? (Doesn't have to be a Borg)
It can't be another Borg. The Borg are an overused and now dreadfully dull species. Another species who utilise cybernetic devices would be interesting, having to face Borgophobia from other crewmembers. Also you could have a normal human officer who was horrendously injured during the war and is now more machine than (wo)man.
Umm, I think you're thinking about robo-cop.
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