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Re: TNG Commerical with Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start The Fire"

I remember CHRO (now CTV2 Ottawa) playing that commercial. Of course they aired two versions over the years, but the last one (aired circa 1997), while the same as the earlier one (circa 1993) had ugly squeezed graphics inserted in it saying the time it aired. But the 1993 version I watch every Christmas, since I've got it on a recording of a Christmas show from December 1993, and one thing I really remember is when Picard is turning on the view screen (shot from Farpoint when Picard asks what the Hood's response was) it goes to a mid80's looking CGI planet with the CHRO logo on it, and then there was the pad at the end where CHRO inserted there own music and graphics over the CU of the ship from the opening credits going to warp, and their music makes the warp sound interesting (it ends right as the ship creates the flash).

I even remember that over a decade later a few of us at work heard Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start The Fire" on the radio and started talking about this spot. It would be nice if the put this spot on a Blu-Ray.

I also remember that clips were taken from Season One episodes like Farpoint upto Seaon 3 shots (Data running into Fargo's force field and being thrown across the room in Most Toys)
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