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Re: Star Trek Secret Voyage: E01 Whose Birth These Triumphs Are

From the beginning we intentionally did not want to make this film look as though it were shot in the 60's, but rather an updated vision that utilized the basic iconic designs of the original series we think play so well even today. Things that worked for the original series may or may not work today as new forms of media and creative expression are explored. For instance TOS was originally shot with film noir type lighting because most televisions were still black and white thus more moody dramatic lighting, today that would be more of a preference. Also, standard screen format verses widescreen. Some fan films want to recreate the original as close a possible, or a contrast approach, while others may wish to fall in the middle somewhere.

Many of our favorite fan based web series have had considerable resources to recreate accurate sets, access equipment, and utilize consummate professionals skilled in modern techniques. While these productions are usually quite generous to loan the use of their sets, it is still a considerable cost to fly cast across the country. I know of a few productions that are waiting to raise these kind of funds before embarking on such a journey, whereas we chose to jump right in with the goal of telling stories about visiting strange new worlds instead of bottle shows. Though production wise we’ve learned why these all ship episodes can be easier for sound, weather, and lighting consistency, we still like the idea of outdoor environments. Yes, volunteers on a zero budget can mean accommodating grooming preferences, schedules, and even requirement changes at an actor’s regular day job. At least until the vision and fan base is strong enough where you can turn volunteers away.

As we learn and grow we will naturally improve, though I personally feel really good about what we’ve accomplished thus far. If anyone out there wants to assist us in polishing our efforts, improving our techniques, and assisting in helping us with stories, visual effects, and editing we welcome your time, talents, and treasures. If our version of Trek is not what you like, that’s fine too as we give a 100% money back guarantee.

Long-Live Classic Trek, for the People, and by the People.
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Craig Sheeler,
Executive Producer
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