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Re: Is the Federation a True Democracy? And How Did It Reach That Poin

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Locked into only a two party system, there is often no need for compromise or coalitions.
Well in some ways both the Republican and the Democratic parties are political coalitions. Compromise is necessary to hold the parties together.

Yea, but, what they compromise on is Gaming the System, to keep others locked out, and you have to bow to the Establishment to get in.

Plus, when it comes to donors, many of them are the same donors on both sides of the aisle, so they serve those masters, rather than "We The People", because we have no choice but those two choices (True, it's better than no Choice, but, an Environment friendlier to Indpendents' chances would be an improvement, IMHO)

A Bi-Partisan Bill is often one that provides a Sweetheart Deal for a Corporate Interest who donates to Both Parties
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