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Re: General Pro Wrestling News and Discussion Thread Part Deux!

Oh, I raged so much. There I was, enjoying watching Lawler get his useless, misogynistic ass get beat five ways to Sunday, then out comes Super Cena, and what does he shout? "You've crossed the line!" Fuck off! Was it crossing the line when Cena took joy in beating up Michael Cole, stripping him down and covering him in bbq sauce? Was it crossing a line when he blasted John Laurinaitis with a fire extinguisher, poured water on him, then threw trash all over him?

Meanwhile, where was King when these events were happening? Oh yeah, he was sat behind his table having a good laugh. At least when it was happening to him, Cole showed some restraint and was professional. Does creative think we're stupid or amnesiacs? Or was that justified by Big Johnny and Cole being 'heels'?
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