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Re: General Pro Wrestling News and Discussion Thread Part Deux!

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I still don't like how they've handled Brock's return either. Using Lawler to turn Punk full heel? LOL. WOW. It's gonna take something "special" to get me fully interested in WWE again. I am falling back into one of my pro wrestling hiatuses right now.
I was watching that last night and was thinking, do they really don't have any "talent" to use to turn a guy fully heel? It's the same thing I felt with the whole Michael Cole thing last year. Lawler may be a hall of famer, but he's only good behind the commentary table. To use him as kind of the "Heel Bait" now strikes me as they don't know who else to use and for someone as high as CM Punk (Who's last year's program with Cena was the best since Nexus first burst on the scene) was kind of sad.
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