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Re: MLB Discussion - 2012 Season

Jesus Christ. It's 7/53 (eighth year with $16 million team option in 2020 kicks it to 8/69, with $2 million escalators for 19 and 20 if he finishes in the top 5 in MVP voting during the life of the contract), so the AAV isn't obscene, but the Cubs outsmarted themselves on this. They'll save money if he becomes a perennial All-Star, but if his BABIP comes down (which it is guaranteed to do), he never gets over his absolute fear of taking a walk, and he doesn't improve defensively, then they're overpaying by a gross amount. This was a case where the team should wait a couple more years and see how the player develops, considering he was under team control for another four seasons.

Okay, Theo, flip him for some world-class prospects at the winter meetings after you convince someone that he's worth their entire farm system, because I'm sure that was your endgame all along. GO.
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