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Re: The Maquis or the Federation?

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Because we would have heard about it if anyone had.
Maybe. If nobody on said Maquis colony died, they must have been filled to the brim with space-worthy craft and enough transporters to get isolated individuals out of danger. Considering that Sisko didn't exactly check to see if said colony had any sort of decent evacuation infrastructure in place, it was blind luck.

Because Eddington would have wiped out the Cardassian colonies, complete with their inhabitants. After Sisko did the same thing to the Maquis, the two sides simply exchanged colony sites. If Eddington had gone unchecked, the Cardassian colonists would have had nowhere to move to, and would have died.

Assuming Cardassian lives count, of course.
Except when Eddington attacked, you see him ignoring said evac ships up until the moment he disables one to make Sisko choose between him and the evacuees. If this was an attempt at genocide, no doubt they could have found a weapon to instantly kill everyone. Where is this line that the Cardassian colonists would have nowhere to go if Eddington remained unchecked? Last I checked, Eddington was targeting colonies in the DMZ. Cardassian space itself was not targeted. There was no attempt to target Cardassia Prime or its other primary worlds.

Also, of course Cardassian lives count. Eddington is not innocent in this episode. What he did was beyond the pale, and he was lucky he didn't have the entire Cardassian Union out for his ass. However, Sisko is not in the right because Eddington is in the wrong.

EDDINGTON WAS A STARFLEET OFFICER AS WELL, GADDAMMIT! What gives HIM the right to turn traitor?!? If anyone here played dirty, it was him!
And he turned traitor, betrayed the oath to the Federation and Starfleet. He's terrorist, plain and simple, and he should be arrested and locked away forever for his atrocity, or even handed to the Cardassians for execution.

However, him playing dirty doesn't give Sisko any right to play dirty as well. The Cardassians play dirty (see "Tribunal", "The Circle", Dukat's attempted blackmail in "Civil Defence" as examples). The Romulans play dirty (see "Visionary"), the Klingons play dirty (see "The Way of the Warrior"). Sisko, in probably one of the best episodes of the franchise, feels guilt for being involved in the murder of a pro-Dominion Romulan senator, when he gets approval for playing dirty. However, when he uses WMDs against the Maquis? He makes a snarky comment to Dax about "not getting approval" for his WMD plan. His desire for revenge against Eddington is so great, he's willing to put thousands, if not millions of lives at risk, while in the season before, he rails Worf for firing on a civilian ship decloaking in a battlefield (aka something WAY more understandable) and in the next season, is trying to justify his involvement with killing maximum 5-6 (the forger, the senator, and the bodyguards) people to bring the Romulans into the war.

I mean, can you imagine a modern military commander using WMDs, or even high yield explosives (MOABs, fuel air bombs, etc) against enemy non-combatants just to capture one ruthless terrorist? Do you really think there would not be consequences?
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