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Re: ST:TNG Blu-ray Episode Guide Inserts - Season 1

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^I don't think it is blasphemy to want to improve TNG with updated CGI graphics. TOS looks awesome with the new updates I vote for more CGI enhancements
The TOS CGI was a mess of inconsistency.

The project is intended to restore and preserve the show as it was, not re-imagine it like TOS.

If they start doing to TNG bluray what they did to TOS, I will stop buying.

...and before anyone says it...I am NOT anti-CGI. I simply don't believe in re-envisioning everything to make it look uberkewl, just because we can. The effects are fine and they suit the show. The cases where they need to replace the effects are also fine, because that's just the way it is but if they don't have to don't do it.

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