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Re: Perfect example of what they SHOULD have done with the TNG-R FX

Christopher wrote: View Post
^Okay, then that just confounds my confusion. What was it that the original poster thought was different/better about this?
I'm honestly not sure.

Comparing it to the original scene, the only two shots in which angles, motion, etc. are changed in any significant way are

A) the very beginning, when the Ent-D swings around to face the oncoming Klingon ships, and
B) the "Continuous fire, all phasers" bit; the ship has more visible forward momentum in the CG version, and tilts upward more.

That said, other than the addition of debris when the BoP goes boom, the difference is pretty slight, if you ask me. I do think that the CG version of scene A is pretty cool; I like how we get to see the Ent-D pass all the way by, but I'm really not seeing this supposed massive improvement in ship choreography. It's a very minimal difference.

As to the quality of the CG: I don't think it's fair to bash it for not looking as good as the remastered model work in the show, but then, I don't really see anyone in this thread DOING that. Considering that it's fan-made, it's actually quite good for the most part (though not the best fan-made CG I've ever seen; that honor goes to Romulan Ale). The main flaw I see in it is that the phasers are a little dodgy.

Just so it's known where I'm coming from here, I'm a huge fan of good CG work; I bristle a bit when encountering what I perceive to be a knee-jerk "CG is bad/lifeless/lazy/etc" mindset. For certain productions, it's the perfect way to do visuals, and can look amazing when done well. I don't consider it any more or less "valid" than other, more traditional, effects tech; it's all in how you use it.

But TNG isn't one of those productions that would really benefit, unless one WERE trying to do a complete overhaul of all the visuals and redo them from scratch, which clearly isn't the case with the TNG HD releases. The whole idea is to make it look like the original, but better/in high-def, so I agree that restoration without alteration is the way to go.

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