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Re: How many people aboard Enterprise ncc-1701

COMPUTER VOICE: Crew status is one seven two at duty stations, two four eight off duty, eleven in sickbay, all minor.
So, proof positive that Kirk's ship had families aboard?

What was the maximum crew capacity of the ship?
Probably a function of the time these people have to spend aboard. For a day-long trip, "standing room only" (meaning thousands upon thousands) might be perfectly okay - but they would have to break out the special chemical pellets for purifying the air and vent out vast amounts of life support fluids to manage the heat. For a trip taking twenty years, even 200 might be too much.

However, in "Breads and Circuses", Kirk did threaten to beam down 100 men with phasers. It was a bluff, but the number might be correct though...
One wonders how many of these would be security officers and crew, and how many would be "naval infantry", random crew issued a phaser and told to go down to fight.

In TAS "Lorelei Signal", five female redshirts of Lieutenant rank (Uhura included) beam down to solve a crisis no man could cope with. Is it realistic to assume there were four female Security Lieutenants on call (when the rank isn't all that prevalent among the Security folks in TOS and no females of that professional persuasion were ever seen there), or are we seeing Uhura drafting other non-Security Lieutenants besides herself for the landing party?

(Actually, there's even a fifth female redshirt Lieutenant in the party - for a brief while, where Nurse Chapel's blue dress gets colored wrong...)

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