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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

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WOW! It took me a couple of sit-downs to finish this episode. It is clearly the worst Star Trek episode I could ever imagine! Recap: Paris breaks Warp 10, Paris comes back, begins to evolve into a new species, dies, comes back to life, escapes, steals the Captain (we assume), brings her to a new planet, they both evolve into Salamanders, have babies, create a new race, leave the babies behind, and then pretend that nothing ever happened; particularly that the Captain and Paris mated!! I am positive that they will never refer to this in any future episodes either; not that Paris might be a little shaken up or feel the need to talk to someone, and I am sure that there won’t be any weird feelings between Janeway and Paris….

Least favorite part: The whole episode. This is definitely the worst Star Trek episode I have seen thus far.
Yup, this one is well hated.

This episode was actually why I pointed out how interesting it was that Janeway's Spirit Guide turned out to be a Lizard and how I never caught that when I watched the Series in First Run, but, I didn't want to point that out at the time, because I didn't want to ruin your "enjoyment" of this episode.

In other episodes you may find plot points or moral dilemmas or Decisions to set your teeth on edge, but, I think this episode is as bad as the Franchise ever gets (Well, The Enterprise Series Finale, that was supposedly "A Valentine to the Fans" ranks right down with this episode too, but, I think you'll find little else in the Entire Franchise this bad)
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