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Re: How many people aboard Enterprise ncc-1701

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I'm writing a fan fic, and I need to know, on Kirk's Enterprise, how many people were regularly aboard the ship?
From the episodes, between 400-430.

The TMP Enterprise also was 431.
COMPUTER VOICE: Crew status is one seven two at duty stations, two four eight off duty, eleven in sickbay, all minor.
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What was the maximum crew capacity of the ship?
My guess, at least twice the crew capacity that way she can rescue another ship's crew if needed. She did rescue colonists and other stranded crews and was in progress to rescue the crew of 400+ of a Klingon Battlecruiser in "Day of the Dove" but only 40 were still alive to be rescued.

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How many security officers were aboard the ship?

Unknown. However, in "Breads and Circuses", Kirk did threaten to beam down 100 men with phasers. It was a bluff, but the number might be correct though...
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