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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

WOW! It took me a couple of sit-downs to finish this episode. It is clearly the worst Star Trek episode I could ever imagine! Recap: Paris breaks Warp 10, Paris comes back, begins to evolve into a new species, dies, comes back to life, escapes, steals the Captain (we assume), brings her to a new planet, they both evolve into Salamanders, have babies, create a new race, leave the babies behind, and then pretend that nothing ever happened; particularly that the Captain and Paris mated!! I am positive that they will never refer to this in any future episodes either; not that Paris might be a little shaken up or feel the need to talk to someone, and I am sure that there won’t be any weird feelings between Janeway and Paris….

You can really stop reading here, but I am going to include my recap just so I remember how awful this episode was!!

In the opening I kept expecting Paris to suddenly explode. I don’t mind watching Paris fail; it amuses me. At this point I didn’t mind the technobabble about Warp 10, but my interest didn’t last long! Apparently, Warp 10 is theoretically impossible, but achieving warp 10 would allow a person to be in every point in the universe, simultaneously; thereby fixing Voyager’s problem.

After failing, B’Elanna, Kim, and Paris go sulk in the mess hall. After one of Neelix’s wonderfully-accidental pep talks the trio has a sudden idea and BAM they figured out how to successfully achieve Warp 10….Hhhmmm…at this point I begin to wonder what the hell is going to go wrong. At a senior meeting Janeway tells Paris that he has the opportunity to join such great names as Orville Wright, Neil Armstrong, and Zefram Cochrane….yeah…like he needed his ego fed. (On a complete side note, I think they changed Janeway’s lipstick color and I like it much better).

Paris does a test run and achieves Warp 10 and when he was reporting back there was an interruption in the com system and Voyager lost contact with Paris. Paris comes back with a whole bunch of data from his trip…to everywhere?? (At this point I decided to quit trying to understand the physics of Warp 10…blah, blah, technobabble…) Next up, Paris can no longer breathe oxygen and he appears to be allergic to water?? He dies, comes back to life with two hearts and a “new” body and then he is a bigger asshole then before….Then he disappears off of the ship with Janeway and when Chakotay finds him they are lizards? Huh? They mated and had babies that they just left behind? What? I am pretty sure creating a new race is against the Prime Directive….

Favorite part: Neelix’s accidental speech and Paris randomly shouting, “Pepperoni”!

Least favorite part: The whole episode. This is definitely the worst Star Trek episode I have seen thus far.
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