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Star Trek cartoon caricature artist says a big warm hello

Hi all, I am new to the forum.

I am a big Star Trek fan, my favourite being the original series because I grew up with that. Love the remastered version. I also like The New Generation and Voyager. Not so much The Enterprise or Deep Space Nine. I think it's the dark colours that put me off those two. I am not a fan of 'dark' lighting or subdued colours on any program.

I am presently drawing Star Trek cartoon caricatures which I hope you enjoy I do this for fun and so far have drawn Sulu, Kirk, Uhura and Spock but I hope to draw them all in time. I hope you enjoy them too.

(I will be updating them here)

Copyright notice...If you wish to repost any of these images you may do so under the following guidelines: Select one image only and repost with a live link to my website page here so people can view the rest. Do not alter the images in anyway. Many thanks.
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