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Re: Bill Nye: “Creationism is not Appropriate for Children”

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I know you like to spam nonsense around here, but that is enough. Do it again, and it will be an infraction. Either contribute constructively to the thread or find something else to do.
This thread could go for a thousand pages and nothing much constructive will happen, in terms of anybody changing their opinions. At least now it includes a sports joke.

One of the reasons I don't think we should be too upset over Christian fundamentalists arguments over evolution is that their constant denials of it cause everyone else to learn lots of things about evolution that they'd never think twice about, just to refute the latest creationist arguments. It causes even non-scientists to dig through sources, research, learn, and understand the finer points of evolution, look up instances of observed speciation, and dig into a technical subject that they'd otherwise have little interest in and only a cursory knowledge about.

Nobody disputes that airplanes can or rockets work, so most people are never motivated to learn hardly anything about aerodynamics or thermodynamics. Nobody disputes plate tectonics, so only geologists dig into the details of plate movements. Nobody disputes that information can be transmitted via radio waves, so only electrical engineers dig into the details of how that happens and develop an understanding of how to make it work. Nobody disputes entymology, so few people can identify more than a few species of beatle or tell a gnat from a fruit fly.

If not for the creationists, most of the people in this thread arguing for evolution would probably know vastly less about evolution, its mechanisms, and the nitty-gritty details and debating points. If not for the mistaken notions circulating about evolution Steven J Gould probably wouldn't have penned a word on the subject.

Eliminate the creationists and you'll create a world where the average internet poster would do little better than a seventh grader on an evolution quiz.

ETA: Think of your best arguments for evolution, speciation events, details about punctuated equilibrium, etc, and ask yourself why you happen to know something so far outside your field. The answer is almost certainly that you dug into the subject to slam a creationist, and that you learned many of the particular facts and finer details you can cite so you could beat down particular creationist assertions. Without those maddening assertions, your time would probably have been spent surfing Youtube Fail videos.

If creationists didn't exist, we'd end up with a public that was far less knowledgeable about evolution, with only specialists and biology majors knowing details beyond what was covered in their high-school science class, and most people only vaguely remembering any of that.

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