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Re: Bill Nye: “Creationism is not Appropriate for Children”

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Of course I know this but all Christian denomination support some form of creationism and the trend has been to more young-earth creationism.
Stop making it up as you go along. The largest denomination by far is the RC faith and you should have a look at what they say about young-Earth. In fact look at any denominations aside from a few pockets of nutjobs mostly in the USA.
Some of the nonsense in this thread shows a serious lack of perspective. The whole creationism debate is a very American phenomenon.
Christians in other parts of the world do not reject science/evolution.

The idea that it is incompatible with faith is just ridiculous. Reasonable Christians do not take every single word in the bible literally. They interpret it. That book is several thousands of years old, written by people with a completely different understanding of the world.

While there are a lot more atheists in Europe than there are in the US I feel that Europe's atheist tendencies are often overstated here. We still have a lot of Christians here. The difference is we have a substantially lower number of batshit-crazy Christians.

Every single European Christian I know would laugh in the face of silly ideas like "young Earth". Evolution is a fact. Even the Vatican endorses it and the guys there speak for more than a billion of Christians.

Vatican endorses evolution.

Can this thread please lose the tunnel view of American fundamentalist crazies?
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