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Re: Could there be a Borg King?

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Is the gender of the central borg important like with bees?They need a coordinating leader for the hive but I don't see why that leader needs to be female. Even if the female hormones were amping something up plenty of assimilated race wouldn't even have the same hormone receptivity.
The Borg Queen is a mind that is formed from all the drones being connected together, just the way that your mind is formed from all your brain cells connected together.

By itself a brain cell has no gender identity, and neither does a drone.

But when you connect a lot of brain cells together, it forms a mind that DOES have a gender identity.

Likewise, the mind formed from all the drones connected together, has a gender identity, and it is female. The Borg Queen. There is no Borg King because there are no drones available to form another mind. All the drones available are being used as part of the Queen's mind.
I didn't mean a king in addition to a queen, I meant a king instead of a queen.
Sorry. The thread title threw me. Sounds like you were asking if there could be a king in addition to the queen, not instead of the queen.

And we know it's a female mind because every single time it's chosen to use a body to represent itself (controlling it like a puppet), it has chosen a female body.
But why is the gender identity always female?
What do you mean, always?

It's always the same queen we are seeing, because it's always the same mind that is controlling it. And that mind just happens to be a female in the same way as Amber Benson happens to be a female. It's just an emergent property.
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