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Re: My Trek Through Enterprise: Season One

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@jespah - beautiful avatar. The baby bat (?) is so cute.

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I think The Andorian Incident was the showcase for this season, the one that grabbed people and showed them ENT was capable of less pedestrian stories. That and the wonderfulness that was modern Andorians. And of course, Jeffery Combs.
Yes, Jeffery Combs. I love him as Weyoun the most, though.
Me too

I've got my marker set now. I'm looking forward to Incident.
I think he's shortening The Andorian Incident, so there is no ep called Incident

This episode was kind of okay. I think Trip was stupid to decide he wasn’t going to follow orders when he didn’t feel like it, especially when a superior enemy ship was on their tail. T’Pol shouldn’t have had to explain herself to him. I had some other issues with this episode, but I’ll leave them be.

Grade: C minus
Civilization is classic Trek, an episode straight out of TOS era. If they wanted to go back to the roots of Trek they did it with this one IMO. I'm happy they didn't stay there, though it wasn't a terrible episode, just oddly dated and unoriginal.

However we DO get to see T'Pol as a Vulcan Barbie Princess..


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