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Re: My Trek Through Enterprise: Season One

@jespah - beautiful avatar. The baby bat (?) is so cute.

teacake wrote: View Post
I think The Andorian Incident was the showcase for this season, the one that grabbed people and showed them ENT was capable of less pedestrian stories. That and the wonderfulness that was modern Andorians. And of course, Jeffery Combs.
Yes, Jeffery Combs. I love him as Weyoun the most, though.

lurok wrote: View Post
Terra Nova? Think they just about got away with it, mainly down to actors. But not a personal fave. Incident is definitely when started to get interesting.
I've got my marker set now. I'm looking forward to Incident.


Time to post a couple more reviews from this weekend:

Breaking The Ice

Iím sorry, but was anybody else as annoyed by ďKindergarten Q & AĒ as much as I was? Itís nice they answered questions, but I donít think it needed to take up that much time. It could have just been referenced within the episode, really. There were problems with this episode, but Trip and TíPol made up for them.

Grade: C


This episode was kind of okay. I think Trip was stupid to decide he wasnít going to follow orders when he didnít feel like it, especially when a superior enemy ship was on their tail. TíPol shouldnít have had to explain herself to him. I had some other issues with this episode, but Iíll leave them be.

Grade: C minus
MA'AM. Hot damn, I can dig it.

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