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Re: DS9: A continuation

Chapter 2, part 2

After many minutes of passion, Kira and Odo laid down on the bed silently contemplating what had happened. They rested their naked, with a bed sheet covering most of their bodies.

Kira then leaned to her left side, and stared at Odo, with a hand resting on his chest. “That was good,” she purred.

Odo tucked his chin in a little, in the form of a nod. “Even better after a period of time.”

Stroking her hand softly against Odo’s chest, Kira just stared at Odo in a loving way, everything felt so tranquil… “I can so clearly recall sitting in that pool with you... I really thought we weren't going to make it.”

Tilting his head to the right, Odo’s eyes locked with Kira’s. “We were lucky, you could have been killed when the Breen stormed the Imperial Palace.”

Kira stopped stroking Odo’s chest, just thinking about the Breen gave her the shivers despite it being such a warm day. “Or we could have been rescued but been at war with the Breen and Romulans, trying to retake DS9.”

“The whole family could have been killed...” said Odo very softly, sounding as if there was a lump in his throat.

He then shot Kira an inquisitive glance. “Do you think a war is likely?”

“I don't know,” responded Kira, she settled back on the bed while her left hand found Odo’s right one and she grasped onto it. “Tensions seemed to have eased, and the Breen and Romulans are skulking away in their territories. But it seems one incident could trigger a war, perhaps tomorrow, next week, month or year.”

“You are worried for Bajor,” said Odo plainly.

“Yes I am,” Kira replied as she contemplated the ceiling, imagining the space above her head. “The Breen could send their fleets through the Badlands and annex Bajor without much trouble. Once again Bajor would be occupied... A Breen occupation could be far more worse than the Cardassian occupation, the Breen are so incredibly xenophobic.”

“And they will have no problem killing millions of Bajorans...” said Odo grimly.

Kira didn’t want to confirm Odo’s statement, because it was such an horrible thought. “The Prophets have a plan for Bajor,” she replied with conviction, “and I refuse to believe that the darks day of being occupied by an alien race will return to Bajor.”

“That's if the Prophets will stop Bajor being occupied again.”

Such a remark Kira did not take kindly to, she wrenched her hand from Odo’s grasp, and rolled to her right side taking much of the bed sheet with her, which uncovered Odo nakedness.

“I'm sorry,” said Odo humbly, staring at Kira’s back with wide beseeching eyes. “I didn't mean to offend your beliefs.”

“I know exactly what you mean,” growled Kira, her back still turned to Odo. “Whatever happens the Prophets will guide us and continue to give the Bajorans hope for the future, no matter how bleak things get.”

There was silence, broken when Odo changed the topic. “Talking about the future, have you given any more thought about when you retire?”

Feeling that Odo had returned to her good graces, Kira rolled back to her original position silently permitting Odo to hold her left hand again.

“It's still years from now,” she said, “however I have been thinking about it quite a bit more recently. When I do retire I want to return to Bajor and to Dahkur province. We've saved up a lot of money, plus with both of our pensions we could afford to not only buy a property -- much like this one -- but comfortably live off the proceeds.”

“You taking it easy?” said Odo, the amusement building in his voice. “I couldn't imagine that!”

Kira turned to her left side again, gazing at Odo with incredulity. “What makes you think I'm going to laze around? No, I want to farm, to be one with the land and engage in some hobbies.”

“Like becoming an artist?” suggested Odo.

“Yeah, that will be a big laugh!” snorted Kira. “Kira Nerys of the Ih'valla D'jarra tries to master art!”

Odo then smiled at Kira’s comment. “We have a good future ahead of us.”

“We should do,” said Kira cautiously, “but if there is war, nothing will be certain.”

Feeling a bit restless, Kira sat up pulling the bed sheet off her body. Moving her legs off the bed, she got to her feet and began searching for her clothes which were strewn over the base of the bed and the floor.

“Where are you going?” asked Odo, looking at Kira a little longingly.

“Getting myself out for a walk,” said Kira, while she crouched down to pick up her bra. “There's nothing like breathing in fresh air.”

Now Odo vacated the bed, unlike Kira he shapeshifted himself some clothes. “I'll come with you.”

Kira, who was halfway through getting into her red long-sleeve shirt, nodded though Odo probably didn’t see it because her facial features were hidden by the shirt. “That will be nice,” she added.


Talking nonstop with Estel made Mia lose track of the time. Finally when she did check her chronometer, her eyes widened when it told her it was 1330 hours. “Oh Prophets! I'm going to be late!”

Estel quickly checked his chronometer. “Same here, I should have been back home one hour ago!”

He came to a stop, looking amazed by how the time had flown by so quickly. “Wow... It was great talking to you... Where are you staying?”

“Next to the main road that leads to Zamthden town,” answered Mia. “I'm not sure what the house is called, but it's a bungalow, surrounded by disused fields.”

Taking out a padd from her rucksack, she showed it to Estel. “I'll show you on the map.”

Estel came to her side, and looked at the map closely “This house is about here on the map,” said Mia, pointing to the location.

“Oh yeah now I remember...” said Estel. “I've been past that house, nearly always deserted for some strange reason.”

“Where do you live?” asked Mia, as she put away her padd.

“In Felliq village, about half an hour's walk from your home I reckon.”

For a moment Estel paused, he seemed to be thinking about something with some concentration. “Tell you what, would it be alright with your parents, if I came over to the house so I could pick you up and show to you my house, and meet my parents?”

“That would be great!” said Mia happily. “My parents should agree to that.”

“Good!” responded Estel, looking relieved. “I'll come round tomorrow at 0930 hours?”

“Sure,” replied Mia.

She stood on the dirt track, feeling a bit awkward and she didn’t know why. “Well see you Estel, I can't believe how fast time went talking to you!”

“See you tomorrow,” said Estel, grinning from ear to ear.

Estel continued along the track in the same direction, while Mia remained rooted to the spot.

“He seemed very interested in you...” said Deru eventually when Estel was out of earshot.

“He's just friendly...” Mia fondly said, she still felt ridiculously happy from her conversations with Estel.

“Yeah right...” Deru sneered looking at his sister like she was an idiot.

“What's that supposed to mean?” demanded Mia, getting defensive.

“Nothing,” said Deru innocently.

“Okay Deru I'm sorry I talked too long but-”

Anger flared on Deru’s face, when he interrupted Mia. “I don't have any problems with you talking to your boyfriend, but next time don't waste my time!”

With a huff, Deru walked along the path at a brisk pace, leaving Mia motionless as she absorbed Deru’s insult.

“Boyfriend?” she said.

She jogged over to Deru, to catch up with him, eager to clear up Deru’s gross misperception. “He's not my boyfriend,” she told Deru when she was at his side.

“He couldn't get enough of you, I saw it in his eyes!”

“And what do you know about dating and courting girls?” inquired Mia.

“Erm... not much,” mumbled Deru, and he now had his tail between his legs.

An embarrassed silence followed as the two walked back home. Mia could not understand why Deru did not like Estel. Perhaps he was annoyed that he had been left out of the conversation, and Mia felt a twinge of guilt about that. But that was not the only reason for Deru’s anger, and Mia spent the remainder of her walk evaluating the nature of the relationship she had with her brother.

She loved Deru in a sisterly way, at times she felt protective of him, and Mia was certain that Deru used to feel the same about her. However something had changed in that bond, Deru was really angry at her, and Mia couldn’t for the life of her work out why…
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