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Re: Bill Nye: “Creationism is not Appropriate for Children”

Yminale wrote: View Post
What did I say about overestimating the virtues of humanity.
Several things that have nothing do with what I just said.

Has it occurred to you that you are not paying attention.
That statement doesn't make any sense.

In the case of Dawkin, Harris, Hitchens and Randi, it's pretty specific.
They speak plainly and do not coddle others. Some people find that offensive when their beliefs are questioned.

Please, I provide medical care in an underprivileged area in the US. Don't talk to me about better food when there are no grocery stores or life saving medicines when no on has insurance. Like I said, things change but they don't get better.
You don't understand. Not only that, you're now mixing in politics where it doesn't belong. Please stay on the subject of our discussion with as little deviation as possible, please.

But that's different then claiming Christianity is stagnant.
Something no one here has done.

What they say is irrelevant. I understand human nature too well to care about people's stated belief. If that bothers you, too bad. (and I have being address your statements, if you don't like how I interpret them either clarify or stop being aggrieved)
In other words, you know what you know, and no one else's perspective is going to matter.

If you would have told me that you had no intention of engaging in discussion, it could have saved all of us a little extra time.

Has it ever occurred to you that I'm not addressing YOU specifically but trying to make a general point to the entire board. I quote you to reference those joining in.
So you answer my questions indirectly, but you're not addressing me specifically, but everyone in general, by also answering their questions indirectly.


Deckerd wrote: View Post
Stop making it up as you go along. The largest denomination by far is the RC faith and you should have a look at what they say about young-Earth. In fact look at any denominations aside from a few pockets of nutjobs mostly in the USA.
Nothing Yminale has said up to this point has contained any actual information, or pushed any specific argument. It's been one generality after another from start to finish. The responses can be cut and pasted into any question we've asked, because they don't actually address anything at all, save for some vague, esoteric meanderings that serve no practical purpose.

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