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Re: The Maquis or the Federation?

The concept that no one died in either Eddington or Sisko's attack is incredibly naive.

They had a window of a few hours at best to evacuate entire planets. Even assuming both the Cardassians(who can't even muster up a defense against the Klingons) and the Maquis(who despite given a free hand are still having a hard time against the Cardassians) can muster up enough ships(which is highly unlikely) to evacuate the thousands, if not millions of colonists, are you going to somehow notify every single person and be able to move them to a space ship?

Look at Hurricane Katrina... in a day in age where there's enough individual and public transportation, everyone couldn't get out of town even with a full day's notice. So even if both the Cardassians and Maquis can magically pull enough ships for an evacuation out of their asses, are they seriously going to be able to notify and move every single person off the planet in a couple hours? Unlikely. Tons of dead Maquis and Cardassians in that episode. Sisko and Eddington should have been sharing a jail cell.
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